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Our Competitive Advantage

Collaborative Working benefits a wide range of clients, including large, multi-player projects, complex organisations and SMEs across multiple sectors, including Defence. At duMonde, we excel in driving the review, assessment, and implementation of our Collaborative Business Relationships Framework, guided by ISO 44001 standards. Our deliberate alignment with ISO principles empowers clients towards accreditation and certification, ensuring our services meet the highest quality standards. With a proven track record, including the successful implementation on the SEA5000 Hunter Class program, we deliver tangible value to stakeholders across the supply chain.

Our Approach

Our collaborative business approach empowers clients for ISO Accreditation

duMonde’s approach, deliberately mirrors the principles of ISO 44001 (Collaborative Business Relationship Management), with the intent of enabling our clients to achieve accreditation and certification under this international standard and embed collaboration within their organisations over time. Our extensive experience working across all levels has equipped us with a unique perspective and deep insights into the transformative power of Collaborative Working, benefiting stakeholders at all levels of the supply chain. Our high-level Execution Plan outlines the key points to effectively identify, develop and manage your organisational culture, behaviours and management processes.
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four key stages of the Collaborative Working process

Internal/External Collaborative Readiness Reviews
  • Creation of sponsorship, competence and a governance structure.
  • Outlining of the key requirements for the executive level and leadership to
    identify the objectives for collaboration.
Collaborative Relationship Framework Design & Implementation
  • Establishment of Steering and Working Groups
  • Identification and nomination of SER (Senior Executive Responsible) and role briefing
  • Generation of organisation level Relationship Management Plans
  • Deployment of scheduled training and education to increase understanding and buy in of all stakeholders
Collaborative Relationships - Foundation
Organisational and Joint Relationship Management Plans (ORMPs & JRMPs)
  • Creation of a JRMP, an agreed program of collaboration for the life of the engagement
  • Creation of a Joint Risk Management system and Joint Communication Plan
  • Continuous improvement of the JRMP to ensure success of current and future collaborative opportunities
Collaborative Relationsips - Practitioner
Collaborative Relationship Review & Performance Evaluation
  • Review of program effectiveness
  • Continuous improvement of processes and systems, restructuring where required to ensure success

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Discover how we can tailor our services to meet your business objectives.

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