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We are Industry Practitioners with 14 years of experience Strategy and Business Winning, Management Advisory, Industry Engagement, Collaboration and Training.

Our Competitive Advantage

Recognised primarily as Defence and Space Industry experts, duMonde also has extensive experience across multiple sectors and understands the complexities of the Australian market and the strategic challenges faced by both government and industries. Leveraging our industry knowledge, we are well-positioned to provide market-leading services to respond to these demands.

Market leader in Strategic planning

with a proprietary 5-stage strategic planning & business-winning process applicable to multiple sectors.

Defence Support Service Level 5 Pre-eminent Advisor

Member of the Defence Support Service (DSS) Panel and one of Australia's few SME service providers to have a Level 5 Pre-Eminent/Advisory approval, which signifies market leadership.

Experts in Defence AIC & GSC Programs

We are experts in implementing the Australian Industry Capability (AIC) framework and pioneers of the Global Supply Chain (GSC) Program.

Deep and enduring customer relationships

at all levels of the supply chain from government to SMEs.

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Unique Professional Development Curriculum

tailored for industry workforce across multiple sectors.

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each with a distinct focus and purpose

Strategy and Management Advisory

At duMonde, we establish intimate partnerships with CEOs and leadership teams, aligning our strategic planning solutions with their organisational goals and objectives. Our unique approach involves productising strategic planning through our distinct proprietary process and providing effective support through management advisory boards. This streamlined decision-making process enhances organisational success, tailored specifically to SMEs and Tier 1 businesses across multiple sectors, including Defence. 

Strategy and Management Advisory

Industry Engagement (AIC & GSC) and Supply-Chain Management Advisory

We bring over a decade of experience implementing Australian Industry Capability (AIC) Program frameworks and pioneering the Global Supply Chain (GSC) Program. As a leading independent advisory firm, our team offers proactive guidance and innovative solutions to optimise AIC initiatives and enhance supply chain management for both government and industry stakeholders.

Collaborative Working Support Services

Leveraging our extensive experience and expertise, we specialise in implementing Collaborative Business Relationships that adopt the ISO 44001 standards. Our high-level Execution plan ensures best practices in fostering effective partnerships and driving mutual success for large, multi-player projects, complex organisations and SMEs. As the first organisation in Australia to deploy this framework in defence, notably on the SEA5000 Hunter Class program, duMonde solidifies its position, establishing us as a trusted authority in collaborative working systems.

Collaborative Working Support Service
Professional Development and Training Solutions

Professional Development and Training Solutions

We empower professionals through workforce development and skilling, enabling individuals to enhance their competitiveness in the market. Recognising their critical role in navigating organisational challenges and preparing for the future, our tailored solutions provide a unique curriculum of short-form courses proven to equip professionals with essential knowledge and skills applicable across multiple sectors, including Defence.

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