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Learn how to understand your organisation’s culture, behaviour and competencies.

Collaborative Working brings benefits for large, multi-player projects, complex organisations and SMEs alike. duMonde’s experience and expertise is designed to drive the review, assessment and implementation of our unique Collaborative Business Relationships Framework into your organisation, based on the widely recognised international standard for creating and managing collaborative business relationships – ISO 44001.

duMonde has established a strong and blended team of Collaborative Working specialists who boast extensive experience introducing and embedding a broad array of International Standards across varyingly sized and complex environments. duMonde leverages its deep understanding of large, complex acquisition projects and their specific requirements (acquired over years of partnering with some of the largest Defence acquisition projects in Australia’s history) to provide tailored advice on the optimal adaptation of our Collaborative Business Relationships Framework for your organisation.

Our Approach

duMonde's approach is both flexible and collaborative to ensure that we are continuously improving our delivery of support services to consistently meet the requirements of our clients. Our broad experience working above and below the line has equipped us with a unique perspective and intimate insight into the power of Collaborative Working and its benefits to stakeholders at all levels of the supply chain.

Our high-level Execution Plan outlines the key points to effectively identify, develop and manage your organisational culture, behaviours and management processes. We look to guide our customers through four key stages of the Collaborative Working process:

Stage 1. Internal/External ReviewStage 1. Internal/External Review

Stage 1. Internal/External Review

  •  Creation of sponsorship, competence and a governance structure.
  •  Outlining of the key requirements for the executive level and leadership to identify the objectives for collaboration.
Stage 2. ImplementationStage 2. Implementation

Stage 2. Implementation

  •  Establishment of Steering and Working Groups.
  •  Identification and nomination of SER (Senior Executive Responsible) and role briefing.
  •  Deployment of scheduled training and education to increase understanding and buy in of all stakeholders.
  •  Creation of organisation level Relationship Management Plans.
Stage 3. Joint Relationship Management Plans (JRMPs)Stage 3. Joint Relationship Management Plans (JRMPs)

Stage 3. Joint Relationship Management Plans (JRMPs)

  •  Creation of a JRMP, an agreed program of collaboration for the life of the engagement.
  •  Creation of a Joint Risk Management system and Joint Communication Plan.
  •  Continuous improvement of the JRMP to ensure success of current and future collaborative opportunities.
Stage 4. Review & Performance Evaluation Stage 4. Review & Performance Evaluation

Stage 4. Review & Performance Evaluation

  •  Review of program effectiveness.
  •  Continuous improvement of processes and systems, restructuring where required to ensure success.

Why Choose Us?

Unparalleled Knowledge of Collaborative Working

Unparalleled Knowledge of Collaborative Working

Our broad experience in large, multi-dimensional, multi-partner projects in both the public and private sectors has enabled us to build unparalleled “practitioner-based” knowledge of Collaborative Working systems and processes.

40+ Years of Practitioner-Based Experience

40+ Years of Practitioner-Based Experience

An accumulated 40+ years of practitioner-based experience has allowed duMonde to create a suite of market-leading tools and processes for the successful execution of Collaborative Working Programs both within Australia and internationally.

Cost-Effective Service Delivery Model

Cost-Effective Service Delivery Model

We care about the results we deliver for our clients. A Quality Assurance (QA) Process has been developed to measure performance and ongoing success.



We strive to achieve absolute excellence in the way we interact, deliver outcomes and generally service our customer requirements.

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