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Strategic Planning enables a business to define exactly what it wants to achieve, how it plans to achieve it across a set time period and ensures that growth targets and plans are being met. duMonde’s experience and expertise revolves in delivering just that. duMonde works with Government & Industry clients at all levels of the supply-chain to help them focus the allocation of resources and identify market segments in which to successfully compete.

Our strategy consultants work with the client to take a holistic view of the organisation, including its aspirations, values and corporate objectives and use this as a framework to develop the client’s competitive advantages.

The advice we offer and the strategic plans we develop follow a well-defined and repeatable process to achieve sustainable new levels of performance. Once defined, the Strategic Plan is supported by the development of a Balanced Scorecard as the principal mechanism for ensuring the strategy is appropriately implemented, tracked and monitored. Our approach to strategic planning and implementation is highly participative, ensuring buy-in from all stakeholders at every stage.

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