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Achieve sustainable levels of competitive advantage and performance.

Strategic Planning enables a business to define exactly what it wants to achieve, how it plans to achieve it across a set time period and ensures that growth targets and plans are being met. duMonde’s experience and expertise revolves in delivering just that. duMonde works with Government & Industry clients at all levels of the supply-chain to help them focus the allocation of resources and identify market segments in which to successfully compete.

Our strategy consultants work with the client to take a holistic view of the organisation, including its aspirations, values and corporate objectives and use this as a framework to develop the client’s competitive advantages.

The advice we offer and the strategic plans we develop follow a well-defined and repeatable process to achieve sustainable new levels of performance. Once defined, the Strategic Plan is supported by the development of a Balanced Scorecard as the principal mechanism for ensuring the strategy is appropriately implemented, tracked and monitored. Our approach to strategic planning and implementation is highly participative, ensuring buy-in from all stakeholders at every stage.

Services offered include:

Strategic Planning

duMonde is a leading provider of strategic planning services, applying our proprietary process and unique capabilities we assist clients in implementing integrated strategies and business plans. The “strategic plans” we produce follow a well-defined and repeatable process to achieve sustainable new levels of performance.

Strategic Reviews

We conduct enterprise, business unit and project-level strategic reviews. The process involves a thorough assessment of the strategy implementation through their well-defined performance metrics, and a guided calibration of the existing strategies to address pitfalls and to cater to modern-day and future demands.

Strategy and Business Plan Development

Using our valuable industry knowledge paired with strong market research, duMonde supports its clients across all levels of the supply-chain in identifying market segments in which to successfully engage in and developing key strategies aligned with available resources.

Balanced Scorecard Development

Guided by a deep understanding of the business, duMonde assists clients to develop a Balanced Scorecard as the principal mechanism for ensuring the strategy is appropriately implemented, tracked and monitored.

Market Research and Analysis Reports

duMonde provides customised business intelligence and insights. We provide relevant market and consumer information that enables clients and organisations to make smarter decisions.

Board and Advisory

duMonde provides a cost-effective mechanism for our clients to regularly access our industry leading expertise in support of strategy implementation, corporate governance and operational management.

Defence Expert Advisory Services

Through our team of Government and Defence sector experts, duMonde provides guidance and support to an international client base of Government & Industry clients that range from Federal & State Government agencies through to Defence sector prime contractors and technology start-ups. We specialise in providing strategic planning and industry engagement advice.

Project and Program Management Support Services

duMonde provides full life-cycle Program Management Support Services from planning, budgeting, execution and training support. We understand the dynamics and risks of project management and we plan, organise and manage resources for the successful completion of our clients’ project goals and objectives.

Independent Project, Program and Business Reviews

We provide senior management teams with the ongoing support and guidance they require to help them continuously improve their business and leverage additional capability to achieve their strategic objectives.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals Support Services

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a business, our services are tailored to meet your individual requirements. duMonde has considerable experience in advising and supporting clients in the planning, negotiation and completion of M&A; deals.

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Services offered include:

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