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Address the most significant capability gaps in business today.

Perhaps the most significant capability gaps we see in business today are those relating to Strategy and the building of industry competitiveness. With this in mind, we have designed and developed a unique range of practical courses focussed on addressing the most important aspects of these capability gaps. Our Collaborative Relationship Management courses maintain the competitive approach, but ensure that effective collaboration can occur that opens up new opportunities and increases the rate of innovation. We also offer a range of value-adding services customised to meet the specific training and consulting needs of our individual clients. Our aim is to deliver highly effective, practitioner-based training solutions that deliver immediate value to our clients.

Face-to-Face Courses

duMonde has devised a robust suite of programs for both small-to-medium enterprises and large businesses alike, to educate and enhance the skills of Australia’s business professionals. All courses offered by duMonde are authored and presented by expert industry practitioners, and are relevant, practical and provide the industry benchmark of knowledge and skill for the training market.


Successfully delivered Training Workshops throughout every State & Territory in Australia.


Professionals trained with an average satisfaction rating of 8.5 out of 10.

Course Development and Customisation Services

duMonde helps institutions to expand and scale their programs, create courses that are consistent with internal guidelines and comply with industry-recognised standards for quality and accessibility. Whether you’re looking to move courses from the traditional classroom to a hybrid or fully online model, enhance existing online courses with multimedia and/or Web technologies or design new online courses from scratch, duMonde can help you get high-quality, pedagogically sound courses to market rapidly.


duMonde is excited to present our new e-Learning courses for 2019. Each course has been purpose built for the Australian Defence sector to provide engaging and insightful practitioner-based knowledge across a number of business critical areas which include; understanding the Defence market, setting the right Strategy and delivering Business Winning and getting the most from Trade Shows.


Online and Offline courses.


Successful Businesses thanks to our trainings.

Leadership and Management Mentoring

At duMonde, we bring leaders together in a learning environment that helps leaders translate their individual capabilities and direct experiences into an enterprise-aware, pragmatic ability to lead and execute as a peer group. We collaborate with organisations to develop clarity around their problem set and help them define how leaders must lead to win today and tomorrow.

Our Customer Value Proposition

duMonde recognises that for organisations of all sizes, a major barrier to entry and ongoing growth in the global Defence market is their ability to cost-effectively gain the insights, knowledge and skills required for successfully doing business in this complex, yet rewarding, sector. In response to this, duMonde has, for the past decade, made significant investment in the development of a unique range of practical training solutions. Purpose-built and updated each year, duMonde’s series of Defence training materials enable the ongoing transfer of knowledge required to overcome these skills gaps and achieve success in the sector.

»Each year, we train hundreds of Government and Defence sector professionals in a number of business critical areas. Our core focus is on short form, practical training that delivers maximum benefit in minimal time.«

  • CDIC STS 10 Sep 19 - Darwin, NT

    CDIC - Successful Trade Shows Workshop

    The Territory Room, Northern Australia Development Office, Development House, 76 The Esplanade, Darwin
    10 September 2019

  • CDIC STS 10 Sep 19 - Darwin, NT
  • CDIC STS 17 Sep 19 - Canberra, ACT
  • CDIC STS 18 Sep 19 - Melbourne, VIC
  • AIDN NT Strategic Planning for Collaboration Workshop 23-24 Sep

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