Training Capability Partnerships (TCP)

We ensure our clients benefit from all the necessary skills and knowledge they need to be successful in the global marketplace through duMonde’s value-for-money and personal services that yield greater competitiveness, employee retention, and staff morale.

Our goal is to establish Training Capability Partnerships (TCP) with clients, allowing them to benefit from our guidance in identifying their priority training needs, and become their partner in delivering the most cost-effective training courses available in the market.

The Challenge

Defence companies are struggling with skills/capability gaps.
Government recognizes this challenge and are responding with proactive policy and associated funding support for ongoing industry Skilling & Training initiatives
Companies however are finding it difficult to “cut through the red tape “in order to access this funding support.

Here at duMonde, we recognise that far too few training providers have the market insight or customer intimacy required to provide an “end-to-end” service to it’s clients which leverages Government subsidies as part of its Training solutions. Consequently, duMonde seeks to establish “Training Capability Partnerships” (TCP) with its clients, which allow it to effortlessly unlock these subsidies and incorporate them as part of a customised Training solution designed to up-skill their employees at minimal cost.