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duMonde understands the complexities of the defence sector and the strategic challenges faced by both Government & Defence Industry in this unique and exciting growth market. As one of Australia’s leading boutique government & defence training and consulting firms, we are trusted by clients at all levels of the Defence supply-chain to help them improve and grow.

With our team of seasoned experts made up of former military officers and executives from the Department of Defence and the largest Defence prime contracting firms in the country, duMonde leverages this first-hand experience to provide guidance and support to clients seeking to deal with difficult issues, from leading major strategic reviews, through to critical assessments of Australian Industry Capability and delivering challenging organisational change. We do this with passion and a sense of pride in what we can contribute, with our outputs resulting in actionable strategies and plans and our training courses being widely recognised for their practical applications and deliverables.

Led by former Defence Industry executive and duMonde Principal, Nick Mondou and supported by duMonde Chairman Jim McDowell, himself a former Australian and Saudi Arabian chief of global defence giant BAE Systems, duMonde’s experienced team completely understand Defence’s culture, supply chain, management, security and intelligence imperatives, and are keenly informed on areas of past and continuing development.

Specifically, duMonde has built a market-leading set of Defence & Government sector capabilities and services in the following areas:

  • Conducting enterprise, business unit and project-level strategic reviews
  • Developing robust Defence sector strategies and business plans for long-term growth and success in the sector
  • Identifying and capturing new business opportunities and developing the necessary Business Winning capabilities to secure these
  • Market leading knowledge, tools and processes for the successful execution of Australian Industry Capability (AIC) and Global Supply-Chain (GSC) programs
  • Supporting Australian industry participation, export control compliance and options for sales in the international market
  • duMonde’s Defence & Government sector clients include; BAE Systems, Thales, Lockheed Martin, Leidos, the Department of Defence, the Defence Teaming Centre, the State Governments of Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, the ACT & Northern Territory Governments and many others.

    Bae Systems
    Raytheon Australia
    Department of Defence
    NSW Trade and Investment
    State Government Victoria
    Northern Territory Government
    Government of South Australia
    Levett Engineering
  • Strategic advice on Project Contracting, Integrated Logistics Services, Continuous Improvement & Quality Management
  • Tender preparation, independent review and advice
  • Brokering key relationships between industry and government influencers
  • Coordination of industry briefings, launches, ministerial briefings and trade shows
  • Provision of short-form, practitioner-based professional training in:
    •   Doing Business in Defence
    •   Developing Defence Sector Strategic Plans
    •   How to Win Business in Defence & Government
    •   How to Secure Defence Innovations Funding
    •   Developing Defence Customer Value-Propositions & Quad Charts
    •   Successful Defence Trade Shows
    •   Successful Tendering in Defence
    •   Successful Defence Exporting
    •  Successful Continuous Improvement & Quality Management in       Defence