Consulting and Management Advisory Services

duMonde offers a range of Consulting and Management Advisory services designed to provide a cost-effective mechanism for our clients to regularly access our industry leading expertise in support of strategic planning, sales, marketing corporate governance and operational management. Our consultants work with the client to take a holistic view of their business, using their strategic and operational objectives as the basis of a partnership framework against which it can objectively help the client achieve long-term success.

Strategic Planning Services Strategic Planning </br>Services

Strategic Planning

duMonde is a leading provider of strategic planning services, applying our unique capabilities we effectively assist clients in implementing integrated strategy and business planning processes.
Sales and Marketing Services Sales and Marketing </br>Services

Sales and Marketing

duMonde understands the importance of business capture, CRM and bid management processes; augmenting our clients business winning capabilities through resource, process, systems and support infrastructure optimisation.
Management Advisory Services Management Advisory Services

Management Advisory

duMonde provides a cost-effective mechanism for our clients to regularly access our industry leading expertise in support of strategy implementation, corporate governance and operational management.
More Value-Adding Services More Value-Adding Services

More Value-Adding

Additionally, duMonde also offers a range of other value-adding services customised to meet the various training and consulting needs of individual clients.


Strategic Planning enables a business to define exactly what it wants to achieve, how it plans to achieve it across a set time period and ensures that growth targets and plans are being met. duMonde works with Government & Industry clients at all levels of the supply-chain to help them focus the allocation of resources and identify market segments in which to successfully compete. Our strategy consultants work with the client to take a holistic view of the organisation, including its aspirations, values and corporate objectives and use this as a framework to develop the client’s competitive advantages.

The strategic plans we develop follow a well-defined and repeatable process to achieve sustainable new levels of performance. Once defined, the Strategic Plan is supported by the development of a Balanced Scorecard as the principal mechanism for ensuring the strategy is appropriately implemented, tracked and monitored. Our approach to strategic planning and implementation is highly participative, ensuring buy-in from all stakeholders at every stage.

Services offered include:

  •   Strategic Reviews
  •   Strategy and Business Plan Development
  •   Balanced Scorecard Development
  •   A range of enablers and support services:
  • 1. Market Research and Analysis
  • 2. Integrated Business Planning Capability and Management,
  • 3. Mergers, Acquisitions and Disposals
  • 4. Strategic Clustering and Alliancing List of Essentials (SCALE)


duMonde has deep expertise in developing comprehensive customer and market insights to identify new opportunities for clients. We help companies build and gain access to the Sales & Marketing capabilities they need to secure the new business required to realise their strategic plans.

duMonde is particularly experienced in helping Small-to-Medium sized Enterprise (SME’s) identify, pursue and secure opportunities in the export market through the supply chain of large multi-nationals. Our expertise have been instrumental in the creation and ongoing success of numerous global supply-chain and industry value-chain access programs where we have worked at all levels of Government & Industry to achieve this.
Whether you are seeking to partner with a landed subsidiary of a multinational or independently looking to compete and secure work offshore, duMonde can work with you to ensure you are fully prepared and able to give your business the best possible chance of export market success.
  •   Independent Bid Reviews (6-Hats)
  •   Tender Writing and Submission Support
  •   BD Opportunities Pipeline Development
  •   Sales, Marketing & Presentations Support Services
  •   Export Facilitation & Skills Development
  •   Global Supply Chain Program Access
  •   Customer Relationship Management Support Services


We provide senior management teams with the ongoing support and guidance they require to help them continuously improve their business and leverage additional capability to achieve their strategic objectives.

All of our consultants have either worked in large corporations or run their own businesses, which gives them the practical experience needed to help provide you with the right advice. Our wealth of expertise can guide organisations of all sizes through the hurdles of doing business through the following tailored services:
  •   Leadership and Management Mentoring
  •   Governance and Business Sustainability Planning & Support
  •   Sales & BD Agency Representation
  •   Monthly Advisory Board Services
  •   Independent Business and Program Reviews
  •   Business Process Outsourcing Solutions


  •   Learning & Development Process design, development & optimisation services
  •   Learning & Development Policy design, development and implementation
  •   Training Needs Analysis & Government Grant Access facilitation.
  •   Training course formulation and customisation services
  •   On-the-job training (OTJ) & Apprenticeship programs
  •   Integrated consulting and Training delivery packages


  •   New course formulation and customisation services
  •   Consulting + Training packages
  •   Training Needs Analysis & Government Grant Access facilitation through duMonde Training Capability Partnership (TCP) model
  •   On-the-job training (OTJ) & Apprenticeship programs
  •   Continuous Improvement Programs